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Powersports Listings M&A Announces the Sale of Flagship Powersports Dealership in North Austin, Texas

GEORGETOWN, Texas, October 19, 2018 ( -  Central Texas Powersports (CTP) was organized by Steve Littlefield, an industry veteran of five decades, along with his wife Teresa. Steve grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas, and started his career washing dishes at a local BBQ restaurant. He became interested in motorcycles and purchased his first bike, a ‘66 Honda S90. When Steve was not in school or washing dishes, he was hanging out at the local Honda dealership begging for a job. In 1966, when he was just 16 years old, he was finally given the opportunity to take an ICT (Industrial Cooperative Training) class through his high school at a local Honda dealership to learn about the motorcycle mechanic trade. After graduation, he worked for another small dealership in the area from 1968-1981 as a motorcycle technician. In 1981, Steve opened his first motorcycle store, which offered parts and accessories along with service. The store continued to do business for 10 years. In 1990,